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Our Story


Legend has it, while in the midst of an arduous hike, group founder Michael Burns (‘98) cracked open an Odwalla™ Superfood beverage to regain his strength. Due to the drink’s bold flavors and refreshing content, he not only was able to complete his journey up the mountain — he was inspired to create an a-cappella group as bold and refreshing as that initial sip.


Today, Superfood continues to embrace this mountain-conquering spirit by pushing the limits of Georgetown a-cappella to new, intrepid frontiers. By revamping old classics and remixing today’s hits, Superfood’s rebellious arrangements leave no room to doubt its noteworthy and bold musicality. With a set list that includes Rihanna, Hozier, Khalid, Sia and more, the group has also wholeheartedly embraced the alternative music world with the hopes of refreshing audiences for years to come.


From killer mashups to dubstep beatboxing, Superfood has become Georgetown’s standard for bold a-cappella, and many have taken note. Within the last few years, Superfood has performed for the Georgetown Wall Street Alliance in New York City, sung the national anthem for thousands of basketball fans at the Verizon Center, and even helped a man propose to his girlfriend (she said yes!!!). On top of all of that, Superfood is an award-winning group, having received Best Soloist (Allie Canal), Vocal Percussion (Shom Mazumder and Austin Lee), Best Arrangement (Ryan Sudo) as well as first and second place in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Mid-Atlantic Quarter Final competition!


Of course, Superfood’s members are great friends who, through a shared passion for music, love to have a good time. Sit in on a practice, and you’ll hear as just as much laughter as you do singing. That’s because when it comes down to it, Superfood really is a family… a family that also happens to make amaaaaazing music together.

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