Meet our newest Babyfood, Josh!

Say hello to our newest Babyfood, Josh! We are so excited to welcome him and his beautiful voice to the Superfam and can't wait for you to hear all of his crazy talent. Read his bio below and learn all about our new Superfood family member! We're sure you're going to love him just as much as we do.

Josh Sirois

Class of 2020

Major: Global Business Hometown: Salem, Missouri Member Since: Spring 2017 Audition Songs: Rolling in the Deep (Adele) and Scars to Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara) Food I want to be: Biscuits and Gravy, sometimes also Sour Gummy Worms When I need to relax, I: Call my mom, take a nap, watch Netflix, run away from my responsibilities. When I need to have fun, I: Have coffee with friends, take naps, explore DC, run away from my responsibilities.

Most recent awkward moment: Welp, I forgot lyrics to my chosen songs in both my audition and my callback.

Celebrity I’d most like to have my babies: Adele, Enushe, Adele, Blake Lively

Person I aspire to be: Ellen Degeneres Favorite song to sing in front of the mirror: Defying Gravity Superfood crush (male or female!): Rachel + Thomas Odd or unusual talents: I have this weird little Elmo voice I can do. Don’t ask. Obsessions (human or otherwise): Adele, napping, making lists, Game of Thrones, bagels, puppies, singing, Olivia Pope, American Horror Story, my family, Blistex, maps, Coldplay, America, fanny packs.

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