Back on the Hilltop: Why I Missed My SuperFamily

As I’m sure very few of you know, I spent my Spring semester frolicking around in Ireland, 3,300 miles away from the Hilltop. While the stretching fields of green and rustic castles gave the landscapes of Georgetown a big run for their money, the Hilltop had one thing that University College Dublin did not: Superfood.

When I left campus for winter break last December, I don’t think I fully comprehended how long it would actually be until I saw all of my favorite harmonizing people again. The time between leaving campus for winter break and stepping foot back on for the new school year in August would stretch across nine and a half months. Now, I can successfully say that during my time abroad, I was in complete withdrawal from a cappella, one of the symptoms manifesting itself in me becoming a weirdly infatuated, stage-mom-ish, crazy obsessive superfan. I’m sure if you asked any foodie about my activity in the GroupMe, they would describe it as excessive for someone so far away. So, I figured that while I’m spending my summer itching to get back on stage with the fam, I would try to put into words a couple of the reasons why my simple FOMO turned into a deeper appreciation for my membership in this group than I ever thought possible.

(Don’t look at me while writing this post. I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

1. Rachel, the #1 Superfan

What I came to realize during my time abroad was that being a Georgetown student, for me, had become synonymous with being a Superfoodie. Not counting my first few days on campus, I have always been a part of this group on the Hilltop, always attending rehearsals, hanging out with my favorite people, and singing my oohs and ahhs on stage with the rest of them. I’ve never had the opportunity to simply listen to the music that we created as a bystander, because I would always be focusing on what’s next. I was so used to my rehearsed parts and the notes I needed to hit that I didn’t always hear the song as a concise whole. Being away from the group allowed me to become a fan of the group all over again.

While abroad, I found myself constantly nagging everybody for videos of performances they were doing. All I wanted was to hear what they were working on and how it sounded. I was able to listen to the music with fresh ears, as someone simply sitting in the audience for the first time. I remember being sent the Cherry Tree Massacre video for “Love Yourself” and beaming from ear to ear. I remember hearing the magical harmony and accidentally letting out a squeal in the middle of the business school study lounge. I remember desperately looking around for a familiar face, hoping to show someone else and watch their reaction as well. As the videos kept coming, I didn’t watch them as a group member who wanted to review how we did or see what we could improve. I watched them as a family member, or a classmate, or a genuine fan would. I can’t put into words how proud and in awe I am of our Spring repertoire and arrangements. They made me so excited to return to campus and learn how I can contribute and be a part of what I had, for so long, been a fan of. These performances and videos made me feel even more lucky that I was chosen to sing with these talented performers.

(Listen and tell me you don't squeal just a bit).

2. Counting Down the Performances

Not only am I a proud Hoya, but I am also an extremely proud transfer student. I don’t take any day on the Hilltop for granted, because I understand that I have a bit less time here than other students. A large aspect of my decision process to go abroad was how many concerts and performances I would miss with Superfood. I knew I had missed a full year joining late, but was I ready to voluntarily give up another semester? It sounds crazy, potentially giving up a semester in Ireland just to sing some songs on stage, but I knew that I would be dramatically decreasing the amount of times that I would be sharing these experiences with the group. As a rising senior, I am fully aware of how few chances I have left to walk on stage with my friends and have an amazing time singing some songs. I’m heading back to campus knowing I need to make the most of every note. I need to take a moment during each song and remember the feeling I get when I’m bopping along with my favorite Hoyas.

When I’m on stage with Superfood, I completely forget about everything else. I’m doing what I love with people that I love and I know how lucky I am to be there.

3. Insane FOMO of the SuperLove

The absolute worst thing about being away from this group for what will be, when I finally step foot on campus, ten months, was not being able to just hang out with some of my favorite people. With all the time that passed, I began to worry what my position or place would be within this group when I returned. Did I miss too many rehearsals to understand the direction of the group for the year? Did I miss too many bonding nights to feel as close to these people as I’m sure they feel with each other? Simple photos from rehearsal would make me ache for long nights, challenging triplets, and stressful key changes, things I was never too fond of beforehand.

For a while, I had way too large a fear that I was missing out on everything and that I would never be able to fall back into the effortless friendship I had formed with the foodies. But time went on, and the pictures I’d see and the stories I’d hear no longer made me sad that I was missing them, but instead excited that I had experiences like those to look forward to. Now, after meeting this past weekend for our very first rehearsal and seeing how seamlessly we all came back together, I am giddy to jump right back into this insanely bonded group of people and shower them with love that, for ten months, was only able to be shown from a distance.

~As I sit here waiting to eagerly welcome new foodies to the family this weekend, please enjoy the below photos from some of my favorite times with these amazing people. I also added a couple of pictures from a recent SuperTrip to Nashville. I didn’t have any FOMO at all because I was totally there and was in all of the photos. (See if you can spot me)

~ I had so much fun in Nashville when I was there with everyone else ~

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