Singing for FLOTUS and Saying Goodbye

July 1, 2016


Being a Georgetown student comes with a lot of perks. The nation’s capital is our playground, powerful leaders casually pop in and out of campus and, if you’re lucky enough to be in Superfood, you get to sing for Michelle Obama and the Japanese ambassador!


Although I admit that I’m not the biggest political junkie, there is no denying the rush of excitement I felt singing for FLOTUS, aka: First Lady of the United States (I actually just discovered this acronym last night. Kind of felt like a mom asking what LMFAO meantL) BUT it was one of those gigs that made me stop and think about, not only my time in Georgetown, but also my past three years in Superfood.


There’s truly something special about being in an a cappella group at this school. It’s difficult to explain, and I don’t think my friends will ever understand the bond that I share with my fellow Superfoodies, but the power of singing is oh so real. Whenever I get on stage, whether it’s in Gaston or the Japanese ambassador’s humble abode, I can’t help but feel a connection to whatever song we perform. For the FLOTUS show, that song was Lady Gaga’s powerful ballad “Till It Happens to You.” The song’s overarching theme of sexual assault resonated with all of us and, once we began to perform, I can confidently say that every member on that stage sang with intense emotion and conviction. It was in that moment that I understood why I continue to love singing. The voice carries so many emotions, from passion and pain to sadness and hope. For me, that’s a pretty remarkable thing.


As I prepare to leave Georgetown in May, I think that’s what I’ll miss the most. We are a group that extends beyond competitions and fancy performances. At the end of the day, those gigs come and go, but no matter how different we are, no matter where we go after our four years at Georgetown, no matter what we do after our time in Superfood, we will forever share one thing - the music.


So, yes. Singing in front of extremely powerful people is always great, but having the power to make someone feel something, to make someone think, to make someone change – that’s why we sing. That’s why we spend hours and hours learning and perfecting our arrangements; trying to capture just the right amount of emotion to reach those goose bumps, those butterflies-in-your-stomach moments, and those fleeting seconds when a beautiful melody can move you to tears.

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