5 Reasons I’m Proud to Call Myself a Foodie

5. The Music

There are few things in life I love more than music. I could play it, listen to it or talk about it all day (maybe all three simultaneously). Luckily, as a member of Superfood, I’m in good company. Truth is, as cool as we all try to act, we’re really just music nerds, each of us bonding over shared sonic satisfaction. While the nerdiest of us arrange the music, the tier-2 nerds master their parts and offer nerdy suggestions for improvement. It’s a total nerdfest, and I love every bit of it.

4. The Performances

Confession: I hate the spotlight. Ever since I can remember, the thought of getting up on a stage and having to perform in front of even a handful of people has turned my knees to jell-o. In fact, my stage fright almost kept me from ever auditioning for a cappella at all. Needless to say, my nerdiness won out, and here I am. But perhaps more surprising is the fact that I actually enjoy performing with Superfood. In fact, I’ve even worked up the nerve to sing a few solos during my time in the group. So what’s the difference? For me, I think it’s the energy I feed off when singing with such passionate people. Knowing how much hard work has been put into our performance by each and every member of the group gives me the confidence that all of us – myself included – deserve to be up on that stage. And that’s a feeling you can’t pay for.

3. The Parties

In the words of aca-god Scott Hoying (of Pentatonix fame), “A cappella parties are a good time. Just trust me.” But actually. Whether it’s the spontaneous song breaks or the sky-high energy or simply the company of people you’ve grown to love through countless hours of blood, sweat and scales, there’s something special about an a cappella party. And when you add some Odwalla Superfood smoothies to that mix….well, let’s just say it’s worth all that practice room pain.

2. The Weekend Getaways

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Well I guess if you’re, like, doing a cross-country trek with your cranky uncle then times could get trying. Luckily for our auditionees, though, Superfood has instituted a firm no-cranky-uncle policy on all road trips. That means, whether we’re off to compete in the ICCA tournament, headed to New York for a Georgetown Wall Street Alliance gig, or just stopping through to sing at a nearby university, all of our trips are fun, festive and curmudgeon-free. Plus, sometimes we get to wear robes (see below).

1. The Foodies

For me, there’s no contest: my fellow Foodies are my Georgetown ride-or-die, my family, my home base, my people. Yes, we’re an a cappella group. Yes, making music is all we really do. But in the process of making that music, I’d argue that we also make a little magic. Because whether I’m miles behind on a paper due the next day, stretched thin by a hectic extracurricular schedule, or fretting over personal issues, I can’t remember leaving a Superfood practice feeling anything short of immeasurable gratitude for having been able to spend the last two hours with such amazing people. I’m not sure what it is about the members of this group, but they heal me. They bring me back to earth. And I wouldn’t trade ‘em for the world.

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